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Frequently Asked Questions By Employers

  • How do you find applicants?
We attract the majority of our applicants through referrals and repeat business. We also advertise in local papers as well as electronic media. We carefully pre-screen and process our applicants face-to-face before referring them to your company.
  • What if an employee is not a fit for the company?
The employment service may be ended at any time for any reason. We offer employment counseling and/or termination at your request.
  • What types of applicants do you staff?
J. Croyle & Associates, Inc. (JCA) focuses mainly on office support. These candidates are individuals who have skill sets and experience that matches what you are requesting in the following fields: Administrative, Customer Service, General Clerical, Accounting, Management, and many others.
  • How is billing done?
JCA bills weekly for the total hours an individual works for that specific week. Every Friday each employee will be required to fax to J. Croyle & Associates, Inc. a timesheet that will include the total hours the individual worked for that specific week. These timesheets are required to be verified and authorized by a company representative. Once the timesheets are received an invoice will be sent to your company for the billable total of all hours that are worked by each employee per week.
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